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ProYecto EnLaZos

Folklore Argentino



Creation & production: Luis Lopez, Diane Renée Rodríguez

ProYecto EnLaZos was created in August 2017. Our project seeks to promote artistic research and the development of contemporary folkloric dance through performance, events, and education.  Diane and Luis draw strongly on their individual experiences as creators and performers and seek to create new ways to interpret, express, and imagine folkloric dance.  


Notre spectacle de danse vous transportera à travers les rythmes folkloriques argentine, ainsi que dans des états sauvages, sensuelles, et brutes.  Nous avons travaillé avec la liberté de créer une nouvelle approche à la danse traditionnelle, apporté par ces deux danseurs qui ont le plaisir de vous partager leur spectacle innovateur.

Luis Lopez

   Luis Lopez began his dance training at the age of  7 at various schools in Argentina.  His training led him to the Ballet de Santiago del Estero, directed by the legendary Carlos and Adela Saavedra, (1978-1985).  He was invited to join the Cirque du Soleil tour in Canada (1985) and later joined the troupe Los Indianos (1986-1987). 


He was again invited by Cirque du Soleil to join the team where he worked as a performing artist, choreographer, and trainer on numerous special events and productions during 27 years; including the show ‟Saltimbanco” (2007-2013), where he was a choreographer and invited artist.


   In addition to his many years with Cirque du Soleil he has created and directed numerous dance companies (Salamanca, Klak, Malambo, and Fusion), which toured around the world for 15 years. 


He has been part of many Canadian television productions, (Macadam Tango- Malambo) as an artist and principal choreographer and has travelled the world performing and teaching Argentine Tango since 1997.  In 2013 he began teaching at ‟Studio Tango” in Montréal while continuing to perform many times per year around the world.  



Diane Renée Rodríguez


   Diane Renée Rodríguez is a multi-skilled artist born in Florida who has studied Argentine Folkloric dance for over a decade. 

   She was first introduced to Argentine Folklore while living in Miami in 2006. Frequenting the Argentine Tango scene, she met Los Látigos Santiagueños whom first shared with her the folkloric dances and music of their country. From that point on, "chacareras, zambas y gatos” became part of her life. Later, while living in Montréal and in parallel to her circus studies at The National Circus School, she trained boleadoras with coaches Luis Lopez and Ann Bernard.

She later moved to France to tour with Le Cirque Plume in 2010 and travelled multiple times to Santiago del Estero, Argentina for intensive periods of study. She trained with the impassioned dancer and teacher, Omar Silva and performed on multiple occasions with his company, Danza Asi, most notably at The Festival Nacional de la Chacarera and Festival Nacional de la Salamanca. These exchanges greatly deepening not only her skill with las boleadoras, but also with many other folkloric dances, as well as the bombo legüero drum. She later co-created the show IN/Pulso with Danza Asi and Cuerpos sin Codígos which was performed in 2015 at Teatro Renzi and Teatro de la Casa in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.


In 2017, Diane and Luis Lopez embarked on a journey to create ProYecto EnLaZos from two different countries across the ocean! They shared the desire to combine their experiences, skills, and love for folkloric dance, with a vision to create new and innovative ways to use the boleadoras in a duo. This led them through many wonderfully intense periods of creation, residencies, and performances... with more to come!

Based in Paris, Diane enjoys many exchanges with the Argentine Community as well as numerous musical and dance projects with maestros including composer Juan-Cruz Suarez, La Tipica Folklorica Orchestra, Rocco Sedano, to name a few. More recently, Diane co-created "Boleadoras con silencio" with Peter Sweet in 2019, a Solo piece which playfully tames the audience and invites them to listen to the silence between rhythmic "malambos." Diane continues to be engaged in the transmission of Folkloric dance through creation and performance. 

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Bailongo Tango Festival + Workshops- Montréal

Cirque Eloize Gala- Montréal

Residency Studio Tango- Montréal



Argentine Folkloric Festival- Montréal
Tango Rico Milonga- Montréal

Residency & Workshops Katapult- Berlin


Resdidency Chateau H- France

Tango Fling Festival- Montréal
Cirquantique Cabaret- Montréal 


photo: Christohe Chaumanet

photo: Christohe Chaumanet



Spectacle 7 minutes: 2 danseurs


2 micros pour le plancher en cas de besoin

30 min pour sound check + lumiere + reperage de l’espace Plancher de

3.65 m x 3.65 m (12 x 12 pied) minimum.

Spectacle 20 minutes: 2 danseurs

2 moniteurs
2 micros pour le plancher en cas de besoin
30 min pour sound check + lumière + repérage de l’espace Plancher de 3.65 m x 3.65 m (12 x 12 pied) minimum.

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