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photo: Christophe Chaumanet

Diane has enjoyed bringing innovative work and new ways to imagine boleadoras to the contemporary circus and varieté scene.

She performs two contrasting acts which you can see below. Drawing from her diverse experiences, she has developed a unique and personal style, her rhythms and technique well rooted in traditional folkloric dances from Argentina. 

Boleadoras Teaser- Diane Renée Rodríguez
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Solo Act: Boleadoras 


Diane's newest boleadoras act is currently onstage at the TigerPalast Varieté in Frankfurt. This theatrical and fierce act flows flawlessly from humorous and revealing sensuality, to charging aggression. Diane's innovative spinning stage comes to life while surprises unfold, including her technically precise head-banging in rhythm with her deadly weapon... all the while opening her heart to the audience.


Choreographed by Diane Renée Rodriguez

Directed by Peter Sweet.