Diane Renée Rodríguez 


Multi-skilled artist Diane Renée Rodriguez was born in Florida where she was submerged in music, dance, and musical theatre before attending Montréal's National Circus School.


She specializes in two main disciplines: dance-trapeze and boleadoras. She has performed Internationally as a circus artist and dancer with companies such as Cirque Plume

Cirque Eloize, Aldebert, TigerPalast Varieté, to name a few.

Impassioned artist with extensive professional experience, Diane has enjoyed creating multi-disciplinary shows with talented dancers, musicians, and directors who have spun her around the globe. Diane is based in Paris and is delighted to explore new projects where her numerous skills may nourish the artistic process.

photo: Gab Andre Photographie

D i a n e  R e n é e  R o d r í g u e z

Height: 5’6 (170cm) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

WorkPermit:USA/Europe , English, French, Spanish


Graduated 2010                    The National Circus School of Montréal, Specialty: dance-trapeze

Honours Graduate 2005        Miami-Dade College Associate in Arts Degree

Honours Graduate 2003        Blake High School of the Arts, Musical Theatre program, Tampa, Florida

2000-2002                             Karl and DiMarco Theatre and Dance School Tampa, Florida


2021-2022                             TigerPalast Varieté (Frankfurt)                                              boleadoras solo act

2019-2020                             Folie Douce Hotels (Chamonix)                                             dance-trapeze with counter-weight technician, aerial hoop

2018-2019                             Aldebert Tournée Zénith Enfantillage 3 (Europe)                 dance-trapeze, tap dance, juggling on roller blades

2016-2017                             Cirque Romanès (France)                                                     dance-trapeze, boleadoras, tzigane dance

2013-2016                             Cirque Plume: Tempus Fugit? (International Tour)                dance-trapeze, boleadoras, ensemble 

2010-2013                             Cirque Plume L’atelier du peintre (International Tour)            dance trapeze, dance, ensemble

2010                                      The National Circus School of Montréal @ La TOHU         dance-trapeze, acrobatics, dance, ensemble

                                              Journal de bord, directed by Guy Alloucherie 



2019     Disneyland Rock N’Roll Festival with The Satin Dollz. tap/jazz dancer (Paris)
2019     Cirque Eloize Le Jardin de Roses with Proyecto EnLaZos. Boleadoras duo, dance-trapeze (Montréal)
2017     Party Like Gatsby at Cabaret Sauvage with The Satin Dollz. tap/jazz dancer (Paris)
2014     Festival Nacional de la Salamanca/Chacarera dancer with Danza Así company (La Banda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

R E S E A R C H  &  S H O W  C R E A T I O N

2019              Solo Act Creation: Boleadoras con silencio (Berlin)

                      Directed by Peter Sweet, Choreographed by Diane
2019              Desde el Tiempo Argentine Folkloric dance show, co-created with Omarcito Silva (Paris)

                      Performance at Bateau des Fous: Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionettes, 2019
2017-2018     Proyecto EnLaZos Argentine dance show, co-created with Luis Lopez (Europe, Montréal)

                      Performances at Cirque Eloize Soirée Benefice, Bailongo Tango Festival Montréal, 2019
2018              Research and performances for Ariane Oechsner’s Master Studies in Choreography (Europe)

                      Presentation at Codarts Rotterdam University of the Arts

2015              IN/Pulso Inter-disciplinary Folkloric dance show (Argentina)
                      Co-creation with companies Danza Asi and Cuerpos sin Codigos, (Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

                      Performances at Cine Teatro Renzi and Teatro La Casa with a cast of 16 musicians and dancers.

P R O F E S S I O N A L  S T U D Y  &  O T H E R  S K I L L S

2020             Campus Univers Cascade 2-week professional stunt training for cinema and stage shows (Le Cateau-Cambrésis)

2019             Professional immersive with Yohann Bourgeois. Acrobatic free-fall on prototype structure used in show Requiem (Grenoble)

2016             International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Intensive Mask workshop for professionals, “Play and Mask” (Paris)
2014             Virtuosity Intensive, Marais Dance School (Graham, classical), Maggie Bogaart & Ghislain de Compreignac (Paris)

2012-2015    Intensive months of study, Folkloric dance and music with Cesar Omar Silva (La Banda, Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

2007-2008    Boleadoras workshops with Luis Lopez, (Montréal)

2004-2005    Argentine Tango workshops, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida, Juan Carlos Copes, Facundo & Kelly Posadas (Miami)

2004             Intensive Flamenco dance study, “El Amor de Dios” School with Merche Esmeralda, Candela Soto, Antonio Reyes (Madrid)

2002             Vocal study, Gulf Coast Youth Choir, Directed by Dr. Lynne Gackle. Ensemble featured at Carnegie Hall in NYC (Tampa)

Music:               Bombo Legüero (Argentine percussion), guitar, violin, singing
Stunt/Sports:    Water ski, free-diving, tennis, roller-blading, stage-combat.
Circus:              Dance-Trapeze, aerial fabric, aerial hoop, pole-dance, Chinese pole, juggling.
Dance:               Argentine tango, boleadoras, salsa, swing, lindy-hop, tap, jazz, ballroom, flamenco, strip-tease!