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Diane Renée Rodríguez 


Multi-skilled artist Diane Renée Rodríguez was born in Florida, immersed in dance, music & theatre as a child. She began her career performing in Musical Theatre productions and in the Latino Night scene of Miami. 

She later attended Montréal's National Circus School where she developed and perfected her signature Dance-Trapeze act. Upon graduation Diane joined Cirque Plume, touring Europe and building her artistic base in Paris. 


In parallel, Diane trained in the Argentine art of Boleadoras, a percussive dance weapon. She developed innovative and theatrical work with this skill, exploring different forms of object manipulation and rhythm. She has twice premiered at the TigerPalast Varieté in Frankfurt with her contrasting Boleadoras acts. 


Impassioned artist with extensive professional experience, Diane enjoys collaborative work with artistic teams and is delighted to explore adventures where her numerous skills may nourish the artistic process!

photo: Gab Andre Photographie

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